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Geneva New Is Photos Banned?


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I'm as anxious as anyone here to see confirmed genuine photos of the new IS - wish I could go to Geneva on March 1st! It therefore interests me that many have said they'll bring back photos from the Geneva show. I asked the sales guy at my local dealership (Arthur, Aberdeen) about photos, and he told me that there's no way ANYBODY will get photos of the car at Geneva. He said that at these sort of launches, cameras are strictly banned and there would even be searches of people going into the show to check you don't have a camera.

Can anyone else comment on this? If this is true we may have to wait until Lexus officially release photos. Otherwise, are there any good sketch artists going to Geneva?? :P

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think he means that the official showing is on the 1st of march and no one at the showing will be able to take photos for thier own use, but when the show opens on the 3rd i doubt that they will not allow cameras in - i can call them tomo and check tho.

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Hi all, I'd just like to say hello as I've popped my lexus cherry :blink: and taken the plunge with an is 200 se. Had it a week now and WOW, also my compliments for an awesome site I have had some great advice leading up to my purchase, although it seemed that every question I thought of had already been asked, so thanks.

Anyhoo I don't know if these have already been on here but if they haven't I thought I'd Share:





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