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hi everyone,

I live in the Uk and just bought a 1994 GS300. The factory amp has blown and instead of paying Lexus £300 for a new one i have decided to put some serious ICE in.

Can anyone tell me where i can get a dash kit so i can put an aftermarket din size stereo in? Do Lexus make these?

Also if i sell my standard stereo will it fit other gs300's or does it have a security code built in?

I hope someone can help me outthere and await replies.



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hi and welcome to the club

you should be able to get an adapter from any car hi center

if you cd shuttle is any good i would be intrested in buying

it from you please e mail me on



Once i take the stereo out i will be putting the cd changer and stereo on eBay so keep a look out.

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AFAIK there is no facsia adaptor for the RHD MK1 GS300 so you'll have to either make one yourself or have one made. A few people on here have done this..

I adapted the wiring to run an aftermarket amp from the standard headunit which was fairly simple.

thanks for your reply. Can you tell me how you adapted the wiring to use an aftermarket amp ?



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