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Rx Shunted

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Today @ 16.30 approx :crying:

Wife took RX out :blink:

Pulling out of Escape Car Park

Stopped to check traffic

VW Polo :nuke: Ran straight into the back of the RX :crybaby:

Cracked Rear Bumper :tsktsk:

Bottom Valance half hanging off :tsktsk:

Good Thing she admited liability :)

straight on the blower to Insurers :)

She is also Directline customer :D

Waiting to see how long it will take to sort out .......... :question:

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Hopefully things get sorted out quickly, also with you both being with D/L, should done quicker as well.

Have had a few near miss's there may self, coming out on the Secklow Gate end

Hope your Wife was OK though

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Usually always the person who goes into the back of you's fault. Should be straight forwards. :)

Had someone reverse into me at the lights before - she was reversing back from a yellow box junction when the lights changed and didn't look behind her! No damage that time luckily though. :duh:

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:crybaby: Hope you get it done by lexus specialist, I had a "whiplash" personal encounter. My wife and I drove out of our front drive down to the duel carrageway, stopped behind mr whiplash, he moved as to pull out ,we moved as well he suddenly stopped mid way out(nothing coming) we just tapped the rear bumper ( no visible dammage), he got out and wanted insurance details which we reluctantly supplied. Next thing big personal claim whent in to the tune of £7600.00, after informing my ins Co that the claim was fraudulent, they still paid out!!!!!, I understand that ins Co's don't pay out as easy now but that hurt. Just my 2 pee :nuke:
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Car going to be inspected on Tuesday :blush:

Drove the car this morning the is rattle coming from underneath the car :unsure:

Stops vibrating just above 45mph :question:

Looks like a minor shunt, beginning to get worried :huh:

Cracked bumper, broken body kit, rattle underneath

Wonder what else :ph34r:

Just going to leave it at home and use the Galant :blink:

Wife Fine no Whiplash :P

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Bumper and Rear Valance ordered for Lex

Geometry to see if anything is bent

Exhaust to be looked at

Will keep you updated


RX Back at home

Went in Tuesday Morning

At home today.

Cannot wait to see how she looks now :)

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