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3 series, mondeo & couger

Yeah i agree, I can see 3-series lights stuck on the generic Cougar/ Mondeo front end attached to a Chevy lumina SS body. (The one which is now imported as the Vauhhall monaro, [which was a holden HSV, as they're all GM anyway :duh: ])

The Spec. looks very good but i'd be worried about parts/ service etc.

:offtopic: If you're after a big bruiser of a motor i'd recommend them Vauxhall Monaro's, my mate had the Chevy Lumina SS version in Saudi and I think the UK version has a few tweaks here and there, 340HP 5.7 V8 corvette engine in an Omega sized car. It cost him 12 grand brand new and £10 to fill it up. It did about 12MPG though.

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