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Gran Tourismo 4


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Asked on a US board, how Lexus are portrayed - whether they are in as Toyota or Lexus.

Answer was

Since no one anwered this, Lexus is listed under the American car companies, and it has:

'01 SC430

'98 IS200

'98 IS200 (J)

'01 IS300 Sport Cross

'00 GS300

'00 GS300 Vertex Edition (J)

The GS300 has 276Hp listed tho, which pretty much right between a 300 and 400 for that year Smile. Nothing newer (you can get '90's model GS tho used...) and no 400/430.

good news for the IS guys - but not so good for me :crybaby:

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Sorry the quailtys poor of video,filmed it off the television screen with me camcorder...

Thought it would be easier than type all the cars out...theres new and used Toyotas on there...No Lexus brand on my Jap version of the game....think there will be a lexus brand in the UK release of the game....with the used car section of the game,the lists changes as you play the game there may be other cars...

Cheers chips

Forgot to say thought id show off me new car at the start of video :driving:

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