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Interior Lighting.


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Hello All,

Is there any good websites or have you guys any experience modding the interior lighting of your cars? I dont mean the dials, I mean like the roof light, footwells maplights etc. I have tried replacing the bulbs in the dome light and the maplights to blue LED;s and they are not all they are cracked up to be. I would like to have a nice blue floodlit interior but with these stupid LED bulbs I am a good bit off the mark yet! :yawn:

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well, you could connect them to the same wires that connect to the illuminated scuff plates/red light on the door so for instance when the door is open the footwells light up. I think you're better off with an LED strip rather than a neon strip cuz they draw less current.

i'm no electrical expert so please dont attampt anything based on my knowledge but that's what i'd do! Someone more knowledgable can advise you before I encourage you to blow something up (i'm too busy doing that to my car)

Or, I'm sure you could wire them separately and have a switch similar to what i'm doing with a neon strip in the boot.

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