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well, its started one month and it started :)

fuse blew for hazzards and horn. changed for another 20A . tried horn :)

tried hazards, blew fuse straight away, :(. stuck another one in tried horn :) , hazards :( . relay was ticking eratically and a tad on the slow side. stuck another fuse in,

now , problem

indicators gone

horn ok

hazzards gone

its like the relay has gone , everything is allright upto relay , relay ticks ok, but its like no out put

any ideas?. cant drive it with out indicators :)


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Sounds like the relay for the indicators has/maybe faulty, all those items do run from the same line feed so if the indicator relay is sticking, the fuse will blow for all connected.

Relay has to be replaced, not worth repairing.



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cheers for the reply bro,

called lex up. £50 for a new relay


so me being me , decided to take old one off and have a look inside :)

just to see if there was anything burned or it was a loose connection

well, no signs of burning on pcb, all components are ok

there is however a "join" between 2 contacts and then to the ic that looks to have blown

going to see if its that


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sorted :)

i got indicators now

by the looks Norkep that thing i blew is a fusable link, its same on the new relay, (corrugated strip of wire)

any way cheers bro

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