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Interior Light Rethink


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Hi Guys

Would there be an interest in developing new interior light consoles ie Dome light and map light for the IS200 in here guys? I recently took out the map lights console and saw how crappy it was. I replaced the bulbs in them with blue LED bulbs, but it aint really the same. If you could make a console replacement with a cathode tube in it or really bright LED's to give your interior an ambient glow, it would be excellent. Theres more light and ambience out of a cigarette lighter that the OEM setup Lexus have going on!! Bare with me on this one!! Its late and I dont have photoshop!!! + a beer or two ;)


Remember guys some of the best designs were drawn on Napkins!

(A)Would people be up for looking into the possibillity of this?

(B)Who is best on here to talk to about this? Prolex ???

Let me know what you all think.


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Are you wondering about a glow all the time or just the courtesy light as normal operation?

It's naff that there's no light up front when getting in and out.

For courtesy light normal operation, I've done something similar - 8 x 11,000MCD leds in there. They fit neatly around the lamp that's already there so you don't loose the big light.

Works quite well actually. I've also put in a white/blue LED mix in the footwells. I'm quite pleased with that too.

Looking at that design, I take it you don't have a sunroof? The space is smaller if there is one due to the control switches so I think high brighness LEDS is the only option with that.

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