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Ls400 Fm Radio Reception

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1990 LS400.

The FM radio reception on my car lacks top-end - at least when compared to CD or cassette. I have a theory that the OE receivers in early models may have all had the US-standard 75uS de-emphasis, as opposed to 50uS for Europe and the UK. What this means in simple terms is that the receiver filters off more treble than it should, resulting in a dull sound.

This is no big deal, since I hardly listen to the radio in the car - just curious as to whether anyone else has noticed this.


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i don't use the radio in my gs but i have heard of the problem because i was looking at voltage stabilisers and the alledged performance benefits but after research i found the only real thing that was proved was they improved ICE clarity so maybe they are worth a try never had one myself but they are cheap enough on eBay. There may be someone out there who has tried one

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