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Bought A Gs300 Help


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Hello there,

just recently purchased my first lex after a few years of beemers and i am having a hell of a job finding which parts fit what (especially finding a GS300 sport grille) and seeing as i have tried everything else i thought lets go to those that know more than i. So really my main question is which bits are interchangeable between the different years of cars i have a 94 GS300 and i have a job finding tuning parts for it whereas for the later models there are a glut of parts any help on this would be greatly appreciated (as i have an eye on an induction kit but it says 98 on and i am not sure it'll fit )



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Hope you enjoy the Lexus experience as much I and all my collegues here have. Sorry I cant help tou dirsetly, but you have come to the source of all Lexus knowledge.Some of the guys here are super experts so if they can't help you nobody can :D

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thanks dhs its much appreciated and i have been getting alot of enjoyment out of it its certainly took the shine off the 5 series i used to drive and swore by.

Welcome to the club mate!

Thats exactly my feeling (and the wifes).

I had a E34 535i before the Lex... thought that was the dogs b :tsktsk: s. The GS excells in every way possible :winky:


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