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Dvd Writing


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finally got round to purchasing a dvd writer yesterday, using nero 6.

I have not been able to copy any dvd's yet, sorry should say back up any dvd's yet :blush:

Now a very very nice man advised me that I need some ripping software.

Can anyone recommend any? please

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it may not be car related but this i can help with you want either dvd decrypter or smartripper to be able to rip legit dvds (for backup purpose only of course) but to get them onto a 4.5 gig disk you will need to compress them nero 6 will do it and it will convert avi files if u have the plug ins :D

hope that helped


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Using a DVD shrink decripts it anyway. I've just downloaded one the other day. Try

Quick to use and easy as childs play!!

Hope this helps. :D

+ R format has more support from the major manufactures.

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sounds like you need to use DVDecrypter first, this will copy the dvd files to your hard drive LESS the enctyption..

then use dvdshrink or what i like is DVD2ONE to then compress the dvd to what ever size i want,, then nero to burn to disk..

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I use DVD shrink to crack the protection.

with Nero 6 (recode2 included) on the system, DVD shrink will link with nero to do the compressing and burning.

It is fairly easy to use - take a few moments to author the DVD and check which options you want then let it go.

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