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Unusual Noises From Sat/nav Screen?

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I've noticed a weird noise coming from my sat nav today ...... very strange though.

It doesn't do it every time I open it .... however sometimes, I Open the screen ...... and when the screen has acutally opened fully, it still sounds like the motor is trying to open the screen ? ........... maybe the motorised sensor has gone ? and the screen don't know it has actually opened?

..... what can it be ... anyone else had this problem ?

It's wierd .... doesn't do it all the time ... only occasionally? :blink:

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If it is definately the motor trying to spin still, it could be a dirty pot in the housing. (It uses a slider to detect where it is for the tilt/full open, etc.)

It's not a hard job to clean this, but the motor housing is fiddly. I can talk you through it if you want to give it a go but investigate further if you can.

Do the tilt positions always seem to be in the same place? Go through them a few times and check.

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Can't see any reason why not... providing it faults when you are there.

Does it sound like the motor is straining or it it slipping on it's cogs?

The tilt locations seem to be fine .......... the car is still under warranty, is it something they can fix/replace under warranty ?

Cheers ........

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