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Lexus Is200 Reliability

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I bought my IS200 in Ireland (2000) and for the past 3 years I have used it in Bosnia. In summer 2003 the highest temperature on the in-car thermometer showed 47c and two weeks ago, it hit the lowest at -21c. For several weeks we have had heave snow and routine -5c to -20c temps. Yet, as the mercedes, VW and other German cars parked around me failed to start or operate, the lexus has not even had a puncture. It started every time. The roads are poor here, single lane, fast and slow, mountainous, often broken and poorly surfaced. Its the only lexus in Bosnia, and locals think its a supercar because its indestructability.

Question is, what next? The new GS looks OK, not great, but is it likely to be as reliable? Why has Lexus Austria website had pics of the new GS and specs for months, and Lexus UK only for a few weeks?

Finally, which do you think is better? 20K for a new IS or the same money for a 4 year old LS?

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I had an IS from new for three years - put 63,000 miles on it - and never had any major problems.

It started everytime, never any major mechanical faults - was very relaible.

Of course - it did not endure anything like the extremes you describe :D

The LS and IS are very different cars - test drive them both carefully to make your mind up.

I have only driven a MKIII LS400, and thats much too light and floaty a drive for me - so I would probably take an IS over that.

However, the LS430 is supposed to be a much better drive, much more direct.

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