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Rx300 Brake Recall

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Just read this in AutoExpress...

A bottle of champagne, a free valet and a tank of fuel - that's what Lexus is giving 5,937 RX300 owners in the UK to make up for the 4x4's recall. Every latest-generation car is being called back due to a brake light problem. A Lexus spokesman said: "No related accidents have been reported, but we hope these gifts will compensate drivers for any inconvenience caused."

I can see people getting upset because their car wasn't part of the recall...!

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I didn't get the valet. But my tank was filled up. So those who arrived with a low reading got more; must bear that in mind if there is another recall!

Difficult to see how you get a full tank if there is some already in it - gallon cans on the back seat?

By the way, the current Lexus ads are stating the RX purchase price includes a full tank. I didn't get this when I bought last September. Indeed, on the 48 mile drive home the amber warning light came on and I had to fill up.

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No I must confess I was disappointed after picking mine up new from Sheffield to find the tank needed filling on the way home.

The salesman was slightly embarassed and mentioned it to me and gave me a brolly to compensate.

When I took mine in for the brake recall iI mentioned this and the service guy said that the price had now been increased to include a full tank of fuel?

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Got a full tank when I got mine new in August, also got a full tank when I went for the brake re-call, I read a thread on here (can't remember who) that they'd heard a rumour you would get a tank full went you took your car in for the mod so I ran mine to less than a quater just in case....and it paid off!

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Are you sure it is a full take of fuel? Lexus Exeter only me gave me £10 worth of fuel plus the valet and champagne. :driving:  :angry:

Check out, but contact Leuxs GB is you're best bet. £10 worth of fuel will probably cover the cost of starting the RX!! Never mind about driving it!! :lol:

I bought my Lex from a non Lex dealer and got 12 months Mot and Warranty as you would with Lexus, 12 months tax again with Lexus and a full tank of fuel. Id of thought that Lexus would give you that to.

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