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Forgive me if this question has been asked previously. Can anyone give me any hints and tips on reversing my IS200 (automatic) in Snow.

No matter how light the snowfall, whenever I have to reverse the back wheels just spin out. Using the Snow button seems to have no effect whatsoever. Any help would be gratefully received.

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buy lots n lots n lots of salt/grit stuff & spread very liberally!!

when i reverse out of my drive, we're on a very slight uphill & any ice/snow causes havoc. press your 'snow' button & just go as slow & steady as poss to start off with...either that, or always have a few beefy mates on hand ready to push!!

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I found the IS fine in the snow, I too have an auto & found if you use the snow button & realy lightly press the accelerator with TC on eventualy you will get going.

I have been out all week & I live in Kent where the snow has been real bad, havent got stuck once, you just got to go real slow & be patient.

By the way, saw a brand new 5 series get completely stuck in Detling on Wednesday, had to be pulled out by a plough... Made me smile :D


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i do r & d on trains, one project is deicing the track. now that stuff defrosts anything maybe could develop it for a car????


we use it at work for removing snow from car park.

after has been played in several times by everyone. lol

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i have just come back from 3 days in Grindelwald,and the road is twisty and uphill all the way, when driving up on sunday night it was blizzard conditions and there was 15cm of fresh snow on the road, i kept at a steady 50 - 60kph snow mode on and only used 3rd and 4th gear, i had no probs at all going up.

as said in the post above u need winter tyres , ur driving in winter conditions, normal tyres go hard and loose grip in temps below 7C, so expect to have problems.

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