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I'm A Newbie!


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Hi there guys. Just thought I would introduce myself briefly here. I am currently looking to purchase an IS200. I have my eye on a fair few that look like a good deal, mainly 2001 cars with about 30k on them for around £10-11k.

I've had a read of the buyer's guide on this site and it was very informative. I'm aware of the alloy corrosion being the main issue with the cars, but most of the ones I have viewed have had new ones recently fitted. Anything else I should look out for in particular?

Lastly, if you dont mind me asking, how old are you guys? Im 19 (nearly 20 now) but my parents make me feel like I'm too young for a car of this type - however, I just see it as good sense. There literally isn't any other car that you can get that is as well spec'd as an IS for as little money and as safe. I'm very impressed with things I have heard about the Lexus dealers too (including their reputation on the JD power surveys). My only concern with cost is the fuel consumption, but im prepared to make one or two sacrifices for a car I love!


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Hey Andy, welcome to LOC!

Are you after an auto or a manual?

If you're going for a manual give it a drive to make sure you're happy with the gear box as that is a common complaint but is usually down to you just needing to adjust your driving style to get used to the box...

We've got a fair few youngsters on the board now, I'm 26 so kicking on nowadays though :P

Fuel consumption is crap really, but then again if we were worried about that we wouldn't be driving a Lexus :)

Paint chips are also something to look for on the car as they are pretty common on the front of the wings and on the bonnet..

Might be worth checking the CD player is okay as they tend to start failing with ERR1 or ERR3 messages and require swapping out....

Good luck :)

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Ah yes, insurance will sting a bit, but thats another sacrifice i'm willing to make. :)

I'm after a manual - I think I would get bored in an auto! I have been fortunate enough to take a few for a test drive and I was very impressed - everthing gave me so much feedback! Gearchanges really felt satifying and slick. The gearbox was one of my favourite features of the car.

Does the problem with the CD player happen very often? And if it does, it it possible to un-jam it yourself? I have read a few things about that too but Im a little unsure of how common it is realistically.

Glad to be here! :driving:

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Not sure how often ERR3 happens to be honest, had mine swapped after 14 months and this one has been fine now for a few months.

I think there are people who've taken the unit to pieces and unjammed it themselves but I'm not sure what you'd do when the laser goes - if the car is out of warranty it can be very expensive to replace so bear that in mind!!

@ Mat, I had the CD player problem on my car with the newer top loading unit?

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I guess it's just something I'll have to look out for then. Sounds like something I wouldn't be able to fix though. Poo. The garage that i'm looking to buy one from does a 3 year cover plan on any car for a little extra cost regardless of age, so I guess it would be covered under that.

Changing the subject a tad, I had a look at the info on the track day last December. Any plans on any more? Sounds like it would have been fun. I suggest a weekend road trip to the Nurburgring! :D

Edit: Whoops, I just read about the track day being in May. I was looking at the date the news about it was posted. Looks great!

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