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First Mods Ordered

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Well ive finally given in to modding my 200, just ordered the front/back and side skirts through C Shipley and took up the excellent offer on the 18" wheels with tyres for £235 each :D :D :D

Cant wait to get it sprayed and fitted.

Seeing as ive got the sport and its already lowered by 15mm, will the 18" alloys look ok or would i be better going the full 30mm drop?

Keeping the lip spoiler for the time been not to sure about the boot spoiler.

Will get my garage soughted out and pics posted as soon as its fitted.

Next mods to come hopefully if the bank balance recovers are back box/induction kit and front windows tinted.

Jesus once you start you cant stop, i only ordered a gear knob and alloy tax disc holder a couple of weeks back and got some ear ache for that :crybaby:

Wait till she finds out what ive got coming next :D :D :D


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well done mate  :winky: you carnt stop now  :lol: just wait till you see pete jenkins car  :D he is from scunthorpe to mate  :ph34r: it will make you want to do more to yours  :D

Went round to see pete the other month and he was very helpfull,top bloke

nice :winky: yes top bloke pete :winky: carnt wait to see his car when hes finished it :D

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Good lad, it's all down hill from here now though  :ph34r:

Looks like i wont be getting the 18" alloys Chris has got on offer unless someone else takes up the EXCELLENT offer :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

Come on guys these are an excellent offer, brand new with tyres £235 each :winky: :winky: :winky:

Am i sounding a bit desperate :P :P

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