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I am considering a set of Tein CS for my car - and have some (embarassingly) basic questions.

1 - how heavy are they? Only place I have seen an indication is on lextasy (you have to add to cart and checkoput). That says 65 lbs - 15lbs per corner, or 7 bags of sugar? Is that weight right?

Seems awful heavy. I know they can't be light as a feather - but that seems a lot. How heavy are the standard components?

2 - Can you see the struts through the wheels?

Sad - I know. :blush:

But the CS are an especially tacky gold colour - and I really wouldn't want them to be visible if I could help it.

3 - How do you adjust the height?

Specifically - can you do it with the car on the road, or does it need to be on a ramp / jacked up?

Once you have finished laughing at my cluelessness - would appreciate your answers :D

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you also have to remove the wheel to alter the ride hight.

when I had the Teins on my IS

it was a 20 min job to jack up the car and take the wheel off and adjust the ride hight with the spanners provided.

I couldnt see the teins thru the wheels as the brake discs/drums etc obscured the view.

the ones I had the Tein Flex, were heavy, but didnt feel as heavy as the OEM shocks.

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Matt, from what I know (which isnt a lot) you need to drop the wheel completley down, which i suppose you could do on the road with a trolley jack - but me, i'd want it done on a ramp...

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thanks guys.

how do you go about the iterative process of getting the right ride height?

I initially did not want coliovers, as I dont need to adjust the ride height - these things will probably be set once and stay there.

but surely it takes a few iterations to get it right?

Down a bit

Down a bit

Down a bit

Ooh no - too hard

Up a bit again

a bit like that?

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alex, are the CS the rubber or ball joint tops.

mat,, yes its a process to getthe right height but can be done in about 3 go's

ie do the rears, then measure the distance fromthe bottom of the thread to the lock not you adjust and do the same on the other pair,,

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I like the sound of noiseless....

the pillowball mounts drove me mad!!!

Alex, How hard are they to fit to the GS?

I had sooo much problem getting my old shocks off my IS, I had to jump up and down on the rear hub to get enough clearence to remove the oem strut!!!

my friend who helped was not a happy man by the end of it all hehe

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i have removed and installed shocks/springs and coilovers on my car for 4-5 times, without too much trouble.

However, i used a bridge.

Also, the GS and IS suspension setup and shocks/coilovers are very much alike, such that i guess that the installation for both cars is comparable.

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i have promised a friend that he will get the first option on my Tein CS.

But ... i also have an used set of Apexi WS coilovers for sale soon ... These will give the same ride as stock, but are not stiffness adjustable.... I will post some pics next week when I am back from my trip.

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