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IS300 Gearchange


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After 3000 very smooth miles my IS300 developed a clunk when changing from 2nd to 3rd gear. The dealer changed the oil and everything seemed fine.

After another 3000 very smooth miles the problem is back - it only happens when accelerating slowly and not all the time. When it does happen though the car hesitate before going into 3rd and then goes in with a clunk that jerks the whole car.

Has anybody else had such a problem - if so did your dealer help - mine does not seem that bothered!:flaming:

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My other half has an IS300 which does exactly the same thing.

In auto mode and very slow pull away it hesitates and then lurches into gear. The car's only done 6000 miles.

She spoke to the dealer who suggested it was the way she was driving it !!!:mad:

Especially strange as I took the engineer out in it so he could experience the problem too

They also said that their technical support department didn't know of this problem - which was strange seeing as though we had just reported it !!!!!!

So, we've had no response on a resolution either:?:

But you are not alone................

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At least someone else is having the problem. Strangely my dealer spoke to lexus technical and they have never had such a problem reported?

They did mention something similar on the latest GS300 that is fixed by reseting the memory on the engine management system.

My dealer is going to try this tomorrow - I will let you know what happens.


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After 4,500 miles in auto mode my greabox still gives very smooth changes even with ECT power mode on and foot to the floor. Hovever in "manual" mode it has always been slightly jerky.

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