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FAQ: Your Avatar Image, How To.

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To display an avatar image, firstly you must make sure that it is appropriate for viewing in the LOC Public forums.

In addition to this, you need to make sure (if uploading from PC) the file is no larger than 20kb.

If using the "Enter a URL to an online avatar image" option, a file of over 20kb can be used, however in anycase the avator can not be bigger than 150 x 113 pixels.


On the top of the screen, next to the "Todays Active Posts" button, you will find a "My Controls" option. Click this once.



Scroll down, and you will see on the left hand side menu bar the sub menu "Personal Profile" in this section click the "Edit avatar Settings" link once.



You will be confronted with the "Avatar Setings" screen. From here, you can either

1) Upload a file from your PC

2) Enter a URL address in the field to link to an avatar image you have uploaded else where.

For 1) press the "browse" buton once. (then goto "Fourth")

For 2) Just enter the URL then select the "Update Avator" button. (then goto "Last")



After pressing the browse button, you will be shown the select image box on your PC.

Browse for your avatar, then double click the avator image you want to use



Once you have selected the image, it will take you make to the "Avatar Settings" screen, but you will notice that there is some text in the "upload a new image from your computer" screen. Just press "Update Avatar"



Once your appropriate file has been uploaded to the LOC server, you will be shown your new avator at the top of the "Avatar Settings" screen ........ and walllla !


Your new Avatar image has been uploaded.

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