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Hks Hyper Max Coils


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A question for those with HKS HiperMax Coilovers installed on their cars..

Since these are 30 way adjustable, what dampening settings have you chosen?

I have mine set at the moment of 15 front & rear, bit hard bumpy, but on the flat and cornering they are GOOD :driving: is it or should the rear be higher than the front or vice versa? I know each to their own taste etc.. just curious to see what others have set-up.. :tomato:

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i have asked a similar question before .... i think most will tell u to go out and try out different combos.

I am currently using TEINs and have tried various settings. Personally, I would not go with different stiffness setting front and back. I tried it and found that even tho I felt more comfy (when I set the stiffness lower at front or back for rear passengers), my car was more unstable in high speed cornering. For low speed it doesnt really make any difference.

For example, if I have the rear set really soft and the front hard, I found that at high speed cornering (on uneven/bumpy surfaces) my tail would want to kick out (but no drift). It would feel like u have an invisible hand pushing on the side of ur car in a wave pattern (cyclical). A bit unsettling.

If I were you, I would determine what is the "stiffest" you can bear, and put all corners to have the same setting.

BTW, which model hipermax do u have? LS? or LS+?

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I had mine 8 steps away from hard..... this was like driving on steel rims without suspension.... :duh:

As I went to JAE (long highway drive :yawn: ) I set it softer... to 5-8 steps away from soft.

Now it feels very good.... :blush:

I think steps 20-30 (hard) is for drifting not for driving... :ph34r:

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Berhard.. i knew that would be told to just try it out on various settings, but just a number to start it off would be cool.. I have th Hipermax II,

I know what you mean bowt driving of steel rims yea think ing about that going to change them to 20/20 tmrw if the weather holds up, as i have to remove the top bit of my strut brace.. :rolleyes:

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