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Nick - all depends what site u are a member of! im on one site where i get max speed in about 10-15 secs because the seeds outnumber the leechers by about 5 times

I think you need to PM someone ............ :D

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I use a combo of Az and also grabit.

Make sure you download the safepeer plugin for Azureus as it will hopefully avoid any nasty letters to you from your ISP!

Grabit rocks though, I get a full 10meg download from the news server account I have in the states

:D :D :D

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SF - cant give u any details at all, its a private tracker and invite only.

Jiberjaber - one flaw with the safe peer thing - it all relies on ips being added to the database etc, the people who are looking for p2p sharers are not going to publish their ips.

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Guy’s years ago I used to use an appz called agent for downloading newsgroups is there an equivalent these days  :excl:

Probably GrabIt or NewzBin - I still use Forte Agent for my email on the PC at my mum's, it's running v1.9 but sure they've moved on a long way now!

GrabIt was a nice basic but functional newsreader and NewzBin was more powerful, to be honest nowadays I just use the EasyNews web front end....

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also if your using Azureus, i (and others) suggest you disable DHT , better still just do it :) to do it do this

Tools>options>plug ins>distributed DB untick "enable distributed database"

tools >options>plug ins>distributed tracker, untick "only track normal....."

Tools>tracker>sharing , uncheck all options

i say this as with this checked it gives out your passkey and basically is a security risk, 90% of all bt sites warn of having this option ENABLED

also get peerguardian 2 from methlabs

just trying to keep u safe :)


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