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Fogs To Brake Wiring Advice


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Hi guys

Just about to go wire up my fogs to act as brake lights. I've got my diodes etc and read many posts on here about it so I think I know what I'm doing. :crybaby:

Just one question. I read on one of the posts that it was easier with a spoiler brake light, but there was no details as to why. I'm assuming that I can take power from this in the boot-arm section of the wiring to save me running a wire down into the boot and pulling the carpet up etc.

I have an extra two wires that run up the outside of the trunking here, which I assume is the spoiler brake light feed. One is red, one is black and they are attached together all the way up. Can I just take power from one of these, and if so which one? Will it have enough power from here?

Cheers. :D

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Depends how thick the cable is. 21W foglamps draw almost 2 amps apiece, so you're talking 4 amps altogether. Unless the cable's really scrawny (like cheap speaker cable or the cable on a phone charger) you should be OK. Maplin do speaker cable rated at 15A that would run the fogs easily, cable is 6 x 3mm. The 4 x 2mm stuff is only rated 1A and would burn out.

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Ok, I got some dual filament bulb holders from Mr Shipley and wired up the brake/tail/fog mod. :D

The holder took a bit of trimming to fit but now it is certainly brighter back there when braking - don't think anyone can fail to see me braking and drive into the back of me now! I took the brake power feed from the spoiler brake light and the tail light feed from a number plate bulb.

Thanks to the guys who did the instructions in the workshop and everyone else who helped me out.

Now for the next stage :whistling: I want to wire up my front fog lights to come on with my high beams. Has anyone done this? I'm assuming this can be done in the same way as the brake light mod with diodes, but can the wires take the load, since they are much more powerful that the rear lights?

Any advice appreciated!

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