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More Newbie Questions! Aristo Tt

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The multitude of unmarked buttons is confusing me! What does the red button next to the automatic gear shift do? Marked in Japanese.

Should a light come on on the dash when i disable the traction control.

Want to get some new wheels what offset/pcd is required and what size tyres with 8 x 18 wheels?

Thanks for your continuing help

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When you turn the TRC off there should be a Yellow warning light telling you its off on the dash display.

The Red button allows the gear selector to be moved without having to put your foot on the brake.

My light doesn't come on when you press the button although the light comes on momentarily when you put the ignition on - I assume this means it doesn't work!

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If the TRC light is on when you first start the engine then goes out then i think the Traction Control Is working....

What you might find is that the dash board bit where the TRC button lives has been removed at some point and has not been plugged back in.

The dash panel is only clipped in so its easy to takeoff/remove and check if the buttons plugged in.

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