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Has Anyone Got A Platinum Is With...

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If so would you be kind enough to PM me some pics of the interior.

Long story, I bought an IS300 SC in silver with exmoor leather. The car has issues, so I have rejected it. The dealer is offering me a replacement which is one year older, and is silver with oakham leather. I'm not so sure about the combination at all, and haven't seen any around like that.

So before I say yeah, or nay. Be great to see some pics. I can't see the car in the flesh easily cause the dealer is around 180 miles away.


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I prefer the interior to contrast with the exterior, I have the exmoor full leather which seems to suit the silver paint perfectly.

think the oakham looks spot on in a black car though, very classy combination B)

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I have an IS300 in Platinum Ice with Oakham interior, and I love it!! It took me eight months of daily searches to find an Approved Used car in that colour combo, so it's a bit of a rarity. I suppose it depends on whether you have kids/dogs to mess it up - I don't, so it suits me fine. Black is the more 'blokey' colour of the two I suppose!


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