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Ma Visit To Dr Bones Geo Clinic!


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Hi all,

Just to complement the comments given by other owners who have had their car geometry sorted by Tony.

Went down there Saturday 29th Oct.

Whole thing (test + full adjustment) took under an hour.

Before I had a slight veering to the left - at the STS promo day LOC meet Tony asked after the free test (before I said anything) if I drove slight right hand down (to compensate this left-ward pull). :blink: He's either psychic or knows his stuff...!

I've also once span the car 180 deg (albeit flooring it in first on a 90 degree turn).

Now, the veering to the left is fixed :)

And I gave the car a good "handling-test" in the evening down Costco car park. It does feel more grippy - didn't spin out this time!

General driving does feel less twitchy.

I've only driving it the last day or so since having the geo done, but these are my initial feelings.

We're gonna keep an eye on the tyre wear rate for the fine-tune (probably in a few months time).


P.S. Tony, no I didn't go straight into the kerb after coming out of STS! :winky:

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I might as well jump in here - I was there on the Friday and the fine tune did show that the offside was slightly out from when the main geo was done.

Also mentioned about the steering wheel being very slightly offset to the right (hadn't noticed till someone else mentioned it here) so Tony set it very slightly to the left before the adjustments and it is now spot on :)

I also had noticed a tendency to drift to the left but Tony's first geo setup cured that one. I'm no longer having to apply very slight pressure to keep in a straight line.

Thanks Tony

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I also went to have the fine tune done on 26th Oct, the steering wheel was about 15 degrees off horizontal. After the promo day and the chat with the guy from Super Tracker, a resolution was found and put into practice and it worked spot on. Steering wheel now straighter than when i bought the car.

Cheers again Tony for all your help.

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Thanks everyone :blush: due to the fact i have had the opportunity to measure and correct so many Lexus ( i thank you all ) i have been able to establish 'faults' within manufacture and a method for correction.

The reason for the steering wheel problem is the position of the front and rear axle, on some of the cars the rear axle is off to the left, the 'thrust angle' rear center line demands adjustment for the front toe to the left, problem is in a driven state you the driver dynamically will need to compensate, that's why the steering goes 'right hand down'. Easy to resolve impossible to predict.

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