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Aristo Cd Player

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just tried playing a disc in my 1993 aristo twin turbo. it comes up with

Track 1 0,00

it trys to play for a few seconds and then ejects the disc. the tape and radio work fine.

on the radio it says 8/12 Cd changer but i cant find a changer anywhere.

am trying to post picture but cant as i have low global space left

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Syd - take it you have looked under the seat's, glove box, boot etc..., does this happen everytime with all CD's ??

It may be possible that the unit doesn't have a changer but is able to use one

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Sd, this is the same radio that I had in mine, there is no changer, only single CD above the radio.

The same display as mine and I also had the problem with playing CD's, I replaced mine a while back but chucked a few weeks ago.

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Ive got the same radio in my car,but had no sound for the last 6 months,when it was working i found the cd did jump abit.

i like the sound of the amp so i may look for a mp3 changer with a modulator and see how it goes, i haven't got time to be messing with the radio at the mo.

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I have the 5 chanel amp that was in my aristo and it works perfectly the cd changer died in mine and only left me with tape and radio so changed the whole system.

CD player still not working. anyone with new suggestions.

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Syd - will have a look on monday mate and see what is going on

cheers paul but its the silver one in the garage. not registered yet

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