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Found out today that my MOT was due last week :crying: wops.

Just need to know, got a kazama pipe will this be ok for the MOT. also since ive had my carbon fibre bonnet i havent had anything to keep the bonnet up with (the pole thingy) would this fail the MOT?????

And how much does one cost for a car this is my first one had a motor bike before?????

Cheers for any info

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Just asked the question to an MOT Tester i know and he said that they cannot fail a car for not having a bonnet stay. They even have a special tool for keeping the bonnets open.....a stick (don't know if its a Snap-On one though? :winky: )

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HEY fellas me again just relaised that i need 2 new rear tires been playing around in works car park a little. he he he.

Got a quote for some cheap tires but just wondering if it will pass the MOT if the front and rear tires are different makes models or whatever.


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