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Ntsc To Pal Convertor

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Your sat nav screen will probably only support a PAL output.

Do plugging in something that is NTSC will be no good ............ you will miss out about 20% of the bottom half of the screen.

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Maplins do a number of items which might help you.

NTSC to PAL converter:

If you need conversion from composite to RGB/SCART/SVID then they also have a number of suitable products as well... if you go from Composite to SVID and then extract the RGB from the correct pins, this should be a cheap way to do it.

IN the maplins website search box, type QM52G for the composite/svid converter... otherwise just have a look around their website and there are plenty of other suitable bits.

Hope this helps


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I have been experimenting with my dvd input for sat nav, basically I get the following picture, DSCN1744.jpg my box of tricks converts pal or ntsc to rgb, but as you can see the top is distorted, has anyone had this problem? Does the satnav disply need NTSC RGB? Could I use a standards convertor to correct this? Help

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Looking at your photo, it doesn't look like a PAL/NTSC compatibility issue.. it looks more like either a spurious signal in the output, or the raster is a bit off.

If you had an incompatibility between PAL/NTSC you would still see the image, but in black/white and with alternating lines in between each line (if you see what I mean). You would also lose the bottom 10 lines or so if it's an NTSC signal viewed on a PAL viewer.


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Got this feedback from the box supplier.

"Here is response from manufacturer re problem.

There could be two reasons for this abnormal picture.

1. The screen does not accept 50 hz vertical. If this is the cause CAR-2g

would certainly fix the problem as it converts from PAL 50 input to RGB


But even that the screen should work OK with NTSC 60 input. Can you check

with the customer whether NTSC input result in a good picture?

2. Microvision pulse generated by the encoder inside the CAR-3 caused the

problem. This pulse has disturbed the sync capability of the screen and

caused the top few lines to distortion. We have had some production batches

used one particular Philip encoder which results in this distortion on the

top with screens of some CAR models such as Lexus, Ford Falcon. We have

since stop using that chip and replaces it with a new chip that does not

generated microvision pulse.

I am wondering if this sample unit come from those old batches. Can your

customer tell us the serial number of the sample unit? "

The unit I had was an old one, so hopefully the new one will cure the issue.

Thanks everyone for the help.

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