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Lets not 'drone on' about Cancer research and fund raising, LOC is 'Puffed' out on this topic.... well done everyone! I feel a need to confess the money i have raised ( from you ) never went to Cancer research.......... :ohmy: It went to the Hospice and the Macmillan trust.

Hidden from view personal directions can evolve, that's a Human thing.

Geoffers and i have had many a 'tear making' pm session that i am proud of....

After some new results and medication Geoffers is at a low, 'Team LOC' this is the time when we can 'really' show our support with people power and 'hand on heart' best wishes.

Not money!

Just 'Get well very soon' wishes.


Geoffers! get well soon, or the cat gets it! :crybaby:

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Keep going everyone.. i had a weak pm from Geoffers this week and he is really 'down'..... lets display a wealth of support for someone who is traveling difficult times, 'Pants deal' but what can we do!.... other than say 'Get up! wake up! and kick my cat up!'....... my 'Motto' is i ain't born until it's 'airborne' :D

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Keep fighting it matey - you'd better get well soon because I've got an order from big trev for some stolen stereos (only a scouser knows how :P ) and need you to do some electronic witchcraft for me :shifty:

Speak to you soon :D

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