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Hi guys,

Im back but I forgot my password and dont have my old e-mail account so had to re-register <--- for the one or two that remember me lol

I bought a Gs300 Mk1 a while back and had gasket problem so gave it back to dealer and now

ive got myself another wohoooo....

Hey chipz if your reading hope the rad I got you still going strong mate :-)

I want your opinion guys !

Seen some RX300 SE alloys 18" (no tyres) for my GS300 MK1 I dont think the offset will be a problem but I want the

largest tyre wall I can fit as I want it feel like a Lex and not some bumpy Toyota (my cars a little older then most on here)

Think the 18's are a wise choice im getting them for a decent price about £200 for the lot ?

What do you guys reckon ? will the ride quality be compromised ?

think im better of getting some 17's instead and bigger tyre walls, ideally I want at least a 45mm wall or can I go higher ?

got a friend who does part worns so will be able to pick up some 18's with 5mm tread anyway..

Opinions greatly appreciated....


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Hi mate :)

The rad is fine no problems :D

Nice to see you back on here and the new name :D lexluther-return

I did email you back when you emailed me some time ago,think your inbox was full as the email was returned.

Not sure of prices of alloys,but if there in good condition and not damaged then that sounds a good price.

Cheers chips.

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Hey Chips...Your turbo charged monster still going strong I see :-)

Been having problems with email mate part of the reason why I had to re-register...

Think I might for them wheels look nice on the RX will look even better on the GS hey :-) was just worried about road noise being 18's..

I ended up getting a Mk1 with full lexus history in the end still on the old email address btw just not that reliable...

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