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Drivers Footwell Full Of Water

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I have just purchased an RX300 (Used) (2001)

The drivers footwell has been filling with water when it rains.

I think that I might have located the problem to the sunroof drains.

Can anyone please tell me what route the drains take.

Also can I buy a workshop manuall for the RX300

Many thanks to you all

Mark Hudson

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the x4 drains , should run down each pillar, so the front ones should run down either side of the windscreen in tubes, that exit underneath, the rear 2 tubes either come down the b pillar or all the way to the back and come down the c pillar.

sometimes the tubes become blocked, a piece of wire should clear the blockage or high pressure hole, the tube could also have become dislodged and now be not exiting the car, however........

its also possible the car has had a new windscreen fitted....incorrectly and it is this that is leaking

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