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Help! Urgent Advice Needed


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The missus has rang me to say she accidentily started putting petrol in her 05 plate 206 hdi. She put £4 petrol in, realised and then put £25 diesel in!

Is this a problem....will diluting help or does it need draining! Would the AA cover this?

Thanks in advance. Sorry if inappropriate forum! Didnt know where to post!


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Thanks for the advice.

A peugeot garage advised to get the tank drained off at an hours labour.  They said it may be ok, it may not! they were just covering themselves really!



I thought it all depends on if you have alot of petrol in the tank compared to diesel cos if it gets through to the engine and stopped the entire system has to be purged and pressured etc I remember the MT boys saying its a nightmare when one of the guys put petrol into a jcb

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I think you'll be fine

when you get down to half a tank fill it up again

I had a friend who used to put some petrol in his 306 each time he filled up with diesel to give it some extra kick

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Cheers....the missus is going for the top it up / dilute it approach....i gave her the disclaimer incase it goes wrong! :P

Id imagine it could be easy to do....shes only just bought the hdi 206....ive never put diesel in a petrol car though...which is probably worse!

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