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I'm pretty sure Oli had some D1's on his Altezza, think Matts got them on his drift car now, so there might be a pic somewhere from the STS Watford meet.

They seem like nice quality rims, not heard of anyone bending them for no reason like some of the chocolate shat out there

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This is a nice wheel !


Yep thats the one i think im gonna get, f**king lovely 18 X 7.5 with 4 tires is around 1000 quid i think.

I went in to a local chav garage and got a load of mags and they do finance O *** HOW BAD :ohmy: bit ****** of tho cos if im gonna get them it means i just waisted a load of money getting 2 new rear tires. which i just found out are really crap in the wet, great for driftin tho :winky:

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Nice lookin wheels i have been looking at a set of them myself i think there are some going on flea bay for about 550 quid without tyres.

Sweet ive been tying to put them on my car virtually but havent got best program, does anyone know how to do this or could do it for me dont know how to get some tyres on them, stupid computer lolol

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