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Is 250 Spec

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yes - its a space saver. they give some spiel that the front and the rear wheel are differnet sizes...and they are NOT run flat. I dont knwo if you can put a normal "full" alloy within. i was unhappy about it as well..but overall the car is good, perhaps pricey with regards on using a space saver which - even with good intentions - majority will see as a cost cutting expenditure....

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:angry: Just noticed the spec on the IS 250 on Auto bid. com and it says the spare wheel is a space saver, please don't tell me Lexus are going the same route as Mecedes and having a silly little spare wheel. Can anyone confirm this!

The SE and SE-L models have different size wheels front and back, so the alternative to a space saver would be two spare wheels?

If they gave you say a (narrower) front wheel as a spare it would be illegal to fit it on the rear if you had a puncture and vice versa of course. The space saver wheel is a restriced use wheel designed to get your car to a garage and is perfectly legal when driven within its limits.

You could of course buy the base model IS250 which has the same size 16" wheels all round (which unfortuneately also comes with the space saver) and buy a spare 16" wheel to use as a spare. Unfortunately, having wider rear tyres is a fad which sells cars but has its drawbacks as you mention.

Oldun :duh:

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My IS300 SC has standard 215 fronts and 225 rears. My spare is an unused, full size 215, but it has a big yellow sticker on it saying "max 80 kph".

I got car second hand from local Lexus dealer, so maybe this is the legal CYA they employ when sizes are different It would also cope with wheel rotation if I'm forced to fit spare to the "wrong" side!

IanB :D

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