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Front Driver Side Brake Disc

rocky v 300

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Hello all,

Long time no see!

To be honest my v300 has been running quite smoothly without any problems up until now hence this post.

I recently prurchased EBC GREEN STUFF pads and discs for the front but I noticed as soon as I left the garage that I could here a shhhhh sound one in every wheel turn and then after a few weeks the steering wheel would judder when I pressed the brake.

I contacted Ebc as the disc had warped and they replaced them no questions asked :D

But i can still hear the binding sound, took it back to the garage and no one can find any thing wrong with it!!!

Could there be any thing else that I dont know about that would cause the disc to rub against the pad I mean its just really wierd :blink:

Any advice will be greatly appreciated


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when I had the greenstuff discs and pads there was a constant clicking from the brakes - lots of people seemed to think it was normal (if annoying) at the time

I get that as well but driving into work this morning a felt the steering wheel vibrate which indicates to me the disc is on its way out again WARP SPEED

I dont think it can be a fault with the disc itself as after the mechanic fitted the new pair and spun the wheel you could hear it then

Could it be the actual wheel itself?

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The calipers seems to be worn. Get them worked up.

Perhaps the piston is a bit corroded. If you push it back because of new pads and disc they can get stucky(? dunno the word, I mean rough-running). Causing the pads rubbing the discs, heating it up while driving ---> Disc kaputt!

If it is the caliper you will need new discs every few weeks :D

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