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Male Light Connector

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hi guys,

ok, i'm after a bit of help.

got my HID kit the other day and went round to mike's (mr morse) to help fit them.

the kit doesn't have any male connectors at the end of the wires that come out of the ballast. therefore, in order to fit the kit, we have to remove the plastic sheath from the existing positive and earth wires, and manually make a circuit to the ballasts.

ideally, i wanna just be able to attach a male connector to each ballast and then simply plug these into the female connector and off i go :driving:

i've spoke to toyota and they've told me they dont sell any connector like this!!!

does anybody know anywhere i can get them from.

cheers in advance.


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Rob bought the kit from Taz - there was no male connector attached to the +ve and earth cables from the ballast, and there is no manufacturers name shown.

Short of cutting off the stock connector and joining the two wires up (which we don't want to do obviously), the only other method is to use a splicing clip which would still retain the stock connector.

If Rob can send me the photo I'll post it up, which will show it a bit clearer.

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