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Trd Dark Headlights


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Guys here are my current headlights now with the CWEST Astral black (202)eyebrows on, soon to be for sale :


But here is their replacements below. What do you think of these badboys :D ? They are actually jet black housings as opposed to the 2004 spec UK versions which are almosrt a bronzey dark colour. These below also have that nice blue hint in them during the day.


I know BernardTamHK has these on his car (the platium ice altezza) and they are stunning but I think these will so suit my black car so so much. And with the intercooler for the SC sticking out the front , the multicoated fogs and that eary whine from SC its bound to increase pace maker sales in ireland for sure.

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I got to hand it to you!

Your like feckin McGuyver! Give you some gaffer tape and bit of old chewing gum and you'd make a full on ICE conversion or new rear deck!

Now the headlights are for the Am treatment! I cant wait


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for the record, my car is an IS200 Sport =) ..... but i totally agree .... i love em .... makes the car look totally different!

BTW... in case u didnt already know eh ..... u will lose ur electronic headlight level adjusters. The servo motors on the original OEM headlights do not come off, and wont fit on the new headlights even if u do force them out.

The TRD ones have a manual knob that you can adjust by hand for the beam level.

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Are these the same ones that are on the Prolex website? I've been thinking about getting these for a couple of months now. The black / black combination is the future :D

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Headlights finally installed today! I am not typing much because I have feckin sore and cut hands lol. If I was to put these on again I'd find myself a midget and let them do it :P I must say though, the car looked incredibley evil sitting in that dark B&Q carpark abit like Dr. Harlod Shipman in an old folks home :unsure:

Sorry for quality of pics, but the fog over here is wicked right now and the camera isn't great on night mode. I will post more pics in better daytime weather at the weekend. Watch this space!



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