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Courtesy Cars


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Will it be a while before the dealers have IS250s as courtesy cars? My car's due for a service shortly, so was thinking of using it as an opportunity to have an extended test drive of a 250 :D

Don't mind waiting for a bit as I had all the pads and discs replaced back in July, as well as an inspection, but if they're going to be using the old IS for a few months still, don't think I'll bother :unsure:

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heard it`ll be a little while yet as they don't have enough stock yet--all the ones in are sale/demo vehicles.

on a :offtopic: saw demo one in StonyStratford (from ye new MK Shoppe) being driven round, and although its silver you really can`t miss it!!! Godd road presence i say!! :D

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So looking maybe 2 months delay on service? Would that be ok, bearing in mind car is due for 40k service and only has 29k on the clock?  :blink:

Bear in mind also its 1 year from last service or the 40k mark, whichever is sooner.


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