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Obdii Question


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Guys I am thinking of purchasing this Screen/DVD unit below

Pioneer AVH-P5700DVD


I just saw this which you can buy as an add on for it:

Vehicle Dynamics Processor


It gives different readings as seen below on the flip out screen of the unit





Is there a rival to this add on? As far as I can make out this system does not plug into the OBDII port of the car but uses an on board microprocessor and gyroscope. Is there another product out there that I could use in conjunction with the screen of the headunit to get information about how my car is running? ie a GUI interface displayed on the headunit screen with realtime info about my car.

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HKS Camp is an impressive bit of kit which I keep thinking of buying.

It connects directly to your car, and measures everything.

Not cheap I know, but I dont know of anything else like it really. I'm not aware of any OBDII software either :(

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Ahmet I think your right! I suppose though leading on from that setup I guess I would like some kinda of package where you can monitor ECU via the OBDII port and display on screen of headunit.

That HKS Camp system could be the dogs !!! I could monitor boost for the SC and Oil Temp etc etc all on the touchscreen!

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...... now if you had a CAR PC :


Ahhh I see!

I'd prefer to have a all in one system as with the DVD funtiona nd radio funtion of the headunit I wouldn't really need a Carputer. I just was looking for an all in one OBDII system that would just use the headunit screen for displaying data!

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Out of interest I rang HKS USA and they told me that they had discontinued the CAMP system and it was the same case in Japan also.

The woman told me that the CAMP system involved splicing of wires directly inside the ECU box and did not use the OBDII port as I had previously thought. She said you can still pick them up second hand.

Ohh well.

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Is there a product out there that you DONT need a carputer to be able to view data from the OBDII port on a headunit screen?

Like a box that one end plugs intot he OBDII port near your right knee under dash and the other wire from the "box" plugs into the video in of the headunit screen.

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