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I have Mobil 1 0w-40 and the engine is now starting to sound like a bag of old nails with the start of the cold weather. I've used Mobil 1 on my last 4 vehicles and it has made the engine noisy on all of them.

I may try their newer 5w-30 soon, or the Subaru special 5w-40 as the 0w just seems to thin.

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Colin - Did you start using the Mobil 1 from new or were then second hand vehicles?

second hand. It's not engine wear just the oil is very thin when cold. Once the engine warms it's all quite again. 0w just isn't required in this country, 5w is good for -25C

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Just had a conversation about this earlier tonite :P

I waqs advised to use the Castrol RS stuff as it is supposed to be the best available. If it's good enough for a 500-600bhp evo then it's good enough for me!! :D

welllllll i may be able to get my hands on some Castrol RS 0-40 reasonably cheap was wondering if anyone would be interested but i was also wondering what the average price people were paying for it was to see if its cost effective to mail it out

Am i allowed to to this mods :P

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