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Is There Mud Flaps For Rx400h

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I drive on muddy country roads, but no matter how slowly I drive the sides and back get covered in mud in a matter of minutes.

I suspect the 4 wheels protrude beyond the wheel arches throwing up the

Has anyone fitted mudflaps? If so are they effective?

Is there a picture anywhere to show how they fit and what they look like?

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I got them for the RX300.... tiny and hardly do much at all... I think they were £94ish...and I fitted them myself....

Was that for a set of 4?

Did you have to drill any holes in the metal or was it into plastic?

I am thinking of making a set of self adhesive ones using this material: . I have done a test one and it sticks really well but I think it may be too small. I might try again now that I have an idea what they look like.

BUT maybe even that one in the picture is too small?....

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Yes that was for a set of 4...

There was some drilling...but only into the plastic so no worries about rust etc.

They do look very neat, just not as deep as I thought they would be and hence don't stop as much muck getting thrown up. I live on a new housing estate and the roads are "boggin" quite often hence why I got mine.

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