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Chips Away


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:D Sorted :D

After 6 months of a daily commute through the M25 road works the front of my IS looked like the face of the moon; full of craters. Followed by a recent heavy kerbing of both the inside alloys going down the car park exit at Luton :angry:.

I needed the old girls sorting before winter :yawn::question:

Chips Away (Jon Solgor from Fareham Hampshire) took her away for the day and returned her last night. Just one word PERFECT! He had hand washed the car cause it had a month of motorway stuff on it, and it looked absolutly great....

The wheels looked like new and I couldn't see the fix at all.. :D :D

NB: too wet and windy to do it on my drive

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The paintjob that these idiots did on a scuff on my rear bumber has faded really's gonna have to be repainted!

I will never trust any of the mobile paint jockeys again!  :sick:

Likewise... hence my initial comment.

Time will tell for you guys... ;)

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It's the product itself mainly. Then don't use 2-pack primer/paint (as they do in a bodyshop).

Plus the whole idea of spraying in the 'open air' and not in the correct environment.. just doesn't do it for me. :sick:

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