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Fitted De-catted Manifold Today


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Today I packed up my 1 year old and went to my parents to have a nice day playing for him and me ;)

It was time to get rid of the precats. I recently sourced a used TTE-decatted manifold and it was quite a busy day.

Supercharger off, manifold off, pretty straightforward. There were a few nuts and bolts though that wouldn't come off, I had to cut the bolts to the front section as they were sooooo rusty. Took me at least 2 hours to get everythin off. The pre-cats looked fine to me, no visible damage to the bottom of the lower one.

Then the refit. Manifold on:


The supercharger brace was quite hard to fit again as it fits only under slight stress. At JAE it was easier with some extra hands.

Test run: CEL on :eerrrmm: At least it seemed to run okay. To be sure I took the charger off the brace again to have a look at the Lambda sensor connections below. All seemed well :huh: .

On the road: the supposed extra 10 bhp or so seem to live above 5000rpm, it is accelerating more aggressively at the top end. Before you know it you crash into the limiter. The power curve seems fairly steep at that point, so if only the engine could rev to -say- 7000 :hehe:

Driving back home I got the impression that the junction between manifold and 1st section is leaking slightly (raspy sound under full throttle). If that's true, putting in new gaskets was not helping much :( . Don't know if that has anything to do with the CEL being on all the time (even after ECU reset).

Well, I'll have to have the error codes read I'm afraid. Any suggestions are welcome :)



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are you using your lambda sensors or ones that came with the manifold?

Didn't get any others, I used the sensors from the oringinal.

I'm beginning to sense I have overlooked something :crying:

These sensors are placed before the precats, so shouldn't matter?


P.S. :blush::blush::blush: This morning I knew what it was: the air temp sensor in the airbox was still unhooked :blush::blush::blush:

I was too much in a hurry yesterday, and it was getting dark :blush::blush::blush:

UPDATE: No more gasket leak! It was caused by the fact that to replace the cats with pipework, TTE had cut the bottom flange in between the two pipes, and welded them together again. This was not entirely precise, as it resulted in a 1mm offset between the two flange halves. This distance could not be closed by the gasket. I resolved it by cutting half a gasket from a piece of 1mm sheet metal.

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