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US LCD Monitors

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Hi All

When checking the site the other night i came across a dude who hooked up a Xbox and two LCD monitors. That *hit looked Phat my questoin is.

What's is it like watching DVD's on the go, does it jump?

I thinking of doing the same I hope, So i had the following idea.

When checking the the internet US prices looked very good for the LCD monitors which could take PAL and NTSC.

Should save alot of money on buying the equipment and then getting it install over here if all goes well. Does anybody have any thoughts on this idea

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I just fitted my 7" screens in my is200 too, together with an x box simular mods to the one mentioned.. and a 10 disc multi region DVD changer. the picture on the move is great. and with the tinted glass in the sport model, help any unrequired glare.

you'll be pretty surprised how much screens can actully cost, my ones are ntsc/pal and have multiple inputs. will post a picture over the weekend.

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So your the dude,

Man I tip my hat B) The way you did that was great.

I have a PS2 and hoping to do the same as i said before,

But need a few Ideas in turns off how do you.

1. hook up the sound to the to the built in system in the Is200, I understand you have a amp for those crazy speakers which I'm sure are Phat, but I'd like a boot if possible

2. how did you split the signal from the XBox to two LCD's

These may seem like silly questions but I'm just doing my research for now then getting my shopping list to together.

Buy from the states as I think it will be cheaper and get someone with Professional skills to install it. If there is any must have items which i will need please could you drop me a line as I do be believe the way your rolling should be enjoyed by everyone.

Thanks in advance.


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