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Road Angel Classic

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A friend is selling one of these,. Has any  1 got one. What you think of it any good?? and is it worth buying. Thanks

I have had one of these for two years now and it has been excellent - very reliable. The fact that you can use it in different cars and update the data whenever you want to is a bonus. I had to buy the modem as well because it made the updates much easier for me as I use a Mac computer. If you intend to use it for years, life subscription at £99 is worth it, if your frind was paying annually.

Good luck !

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I've had mine for about 3 years and it's been perfectly reliable - I wouldn't be without it.

On a PC, you don't need a modem, it connects via a serial port to the PC (later versions have USB). You have to pay a subscription to BlackSpot to get the updates - it's £99 for life or less for a year at a time.

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Would recommend it. We have one in OH's LS, he must have got the modem etc as we update from a mac. It spotted one of those new distance measuring camera set-ups the other day which we were well impressed with as we hadn't spotted anything.

Colour and appearance wise - goes great in my RX400 (being girlie here I suppose!)


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