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Crime Falling


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well for the third time this year, another of my vans has been broken into

in broad daylight

in a car space overlooked by about thirty flats

overlooked by a ground floor flat being worked in by my employees with a rear entrance 40 feet away

they pulled up along side, smashed the rear window, then attempted to grab what they could, luckily the film on the window held the glass together somewhat, and the metal grills to the inside stopped them actually getting anything

this seems to be a way of life and getting more common :angry:

well surprise surprise, they were seen and their car reg was recorded by a local tenant

so........being good citizens,

we phoned the police, local police station is approx 1mile away

waited 12 minutes for them to answer !!

her questions:

"whats the postcode where it happened"


"i dont know", (how would i possibly know !!)

wpc plod:

"what direction did they leave in"


"they exited the estate which is a cul de sac, no idea from then on"

wpc plodding along:

"can i have your details"


"yes.......erm would you like the details i have on the offenders vehicle"

wpc making it up as she plods along:

"oh yes please"

gave them all the details

including the car reg

told them everything we could

now at this stage i am getting slightly peeved off

seems obvious she intends filling the form in front of her in, with no intention of acting upon anything

wpc sounding excited:

"oh that reg has been reported quite a few times, it seems to be doing the rounds of the area"


"well thats good to know, at least i dont feel left out (sarcasm was creeping in), now will one of your officers be visiting the site"

wpc now sounding despondant:

"we can send a vehicle out but as its low priority it may take a while"


"well i realise that it may be a minor crime, but its obvious they are in the locality, so might be a good chance of actually catching them"

wpc sounding suicidal:

"if you can come to the station we can take the details and give you a crime number, if the driver could also attend, and if you could bring your documents"


"documents ?"

wpc now trying to sound official:

" your insurance, your...."


interupting.."erm its not me, i havent done anything wrong, why do you need my details, you want me and the driver to come down and produce our documents, yet the offenders are allowed to drive freely round commiting crimes with not a care in the world, because they know theres little chance of getting caught, well to be honest i am not going to waste my time, so forget it"

wasnt very happy !!

now it seems to me that crime figures are being kept artificially low, by making it a pain in the arse to report them, they seemed more concerned that i was legal, than the thought of catching criminals

for the record :yes i am fully legal and have nothing to hide, but when it comes down to spending what would probably a couple of hours, having my details checked, incurring loss of earnings, inconvinience etc etc , with the chances of them actually being caught , well i would rather forget it

damn ! wish i had a cat, is tony`s available for hire :crybaby:

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Bazza, crime figures are low ........ but only because the figures are being massaged !

I'll tell you how they massage the figures, and make them sound as if London is getting safer ....... when it's clearly not !!

But I'll have to tell you in person ............. !

As for the WPC ........ she may / and most probably was not a police officer mate, they are just CAD staff. (computer aided dispatch) staff ....... and most of the time don't have a clue !

You don't need to bring your insurance details down to the station to report it ....... however you do need some kind of ID just to prove that you own the car.

She is obviously new, and inexperience ! and you have had the unfortunatecy of speaking to her !

She shouldn't have said it's not a priority crime either .... as far as I'm concerned if the suspects are still likely to be in the area ... I would have gone to that call on blues and twos ...... no two rights about it !

Sorry to hear about the break in ... and the idiot controller on the phone ! :blush:

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Sorry you had a bad experience.

Personally having suffered several attempted break ins bot personally and witnessing one next dorr and few attempt theft of my car Stockport Police have been spot on.

A couple of year ago neighbour burgalr alarm went off. I knew they were away and spotted a guy running from their garden. In less than 5 minutes police were search the nearby park where he ran to.

Same when people tried to break into ours. Even had police popping checking late at night things were ok.

Always report is my advice helps build up patterns of behaviour it seems so they can be caught later.

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People tend to ignore alarms now - especially in London. When I was working on refurbishments on housing estates it was common to hear one going for the entire day and just ignoring it. The sound goes away after a while :blink:

The village where I live now though is a lot better, much more community spirit - and everyone knows everyone else too which helps.

:offtopic: but what do you do exactly Barrie?

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Share on other sites policeman, its ok being all sorry now,

our bazza is 40 years old......he needs more than a few sorrys

Exactly Matthew.

Mr Officer sir - Our Barrie is an old aged pensioner. Gentleman like him need looking after. Its people like him who built this country. He deserves better. No - he demands it....... Long live Barrie! :D

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Mr Officer sir - Our Barrie is an old aged pensioner.  Gentleman like him need looking after.  Its people like him who built this country.  He deserves better.  No - he demands it....... Long live Barrie!  :D


Barrie was just narked that they got away with his pipe and slippers :P

If you'd have had this beauty I bet you'd have caught them and told them to respect their elders.


During the war....

Sorry barrie :whistling:

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Share on other sites policeman, its ok being all sorry now,

our bazza is 40 years old......he needs more than a few sorrys

Exactly Matthew.

Mr Officer sir - Our Barrie is an old aged pensioner. Gentleman like him need looking after. Its people like him who built this country. He deserves better. No - he demands it....... Long live Barrie! :D

now now mr zee !

i can`t take responsibility for the whole country,

only the southern half !

now i must dash...its pension day, and i have mislaid my bus pass :P

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Bazza,Sorry to hear about your dilemma in getting the police to do something. The problem is that for every good story about the old bill nowadays there is a bad one. Since retiring early from the police many years ago I have only had negative service i.e. my sister in law was followed from a bus stop late at night and in the public footpath connecting the main road to our close she was rushed upon. She hit the youth with her umbrella and he fled. She came home very shocked. I phoned the police, they did not come and when I made further enquiries all they did was make out a message.

When working as a planning officer I was at a site where there was an illegal concrete crusher creating a great deal of noise and dust. The culprit attempted to hit my colleague in front of 2 police officers. When we received statements from the officers we were accused of winding up the operator and provoking him by stating to him the planning legislation. I made a complaint to their Supt and was informed that they lacked 'statement experience'.

I tried to get in touch with the local police training unit in order to clarify a point of law. The police operator refused to put me through as I did not have a name although I had stated ' any training officer will do'. I stated that I was on county council business.

In the case of your van I think that the police would view a broken window as criminal damage BUT if the offender is caught they would reclassify as attemped theft. This keeps the theft crime figures down if it is not detected.

When our neighbour's car was broken into when they were away the car alarm sounded continually. Two WPC's told me that they could do nothing about the noise and I would have to wait for the Battery to go flat and that I was not to touch the car prior to police examination. After they had left I taped plastic sheeting over the broken window to prevent the car alarm from going off, The car was never examined. I DESPAIR!

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