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Belt Won't Tighten


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OK Chaps

Since fitting the Prolex manifold, my supercharger belt will not tighten. I can push the tensioner as far forward as poss and the belt is still slack. Took it off and put it on again and tis still the same.

Why could this be??

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Any bolt mate. If you put a washer in between the cradle and the manifold it distorts the cradle. I could force the cradle to bolt the charger on but do not want it to snap under the stress and vibration when driving the car.

If you think all will be OK, I will put the washer back. I know that with the washer in place, the belt would probably tighten up. I thought at one point last night I had the belt tight but on inspection I had the belt over the edge of the pulley, so a 2mm or 3mm washer would probably take up the slack

Which brings me on to a thought - Dave or Matt. Is the plate of the manifold thinner than the original as this is the only thing that has changed.

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Still unsure as to why the standard belt will no longer fit but have sorted it out by purchasing a shorter one. All would appear to be OK now

Many thanks for your suggestions :D

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