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New York Hotels


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Hey Rob,

Me and my old man did massive research on this last I have loads of info!

Basically, we ended up staying in a hotel called the Belvedere. It's perfect, right on the edge on Times Square and very reasonable. Do a search on the net and you will see lots of good reviews from people that have stayed there!!

Belvedere Hotel

Rather than booking on-line, if you call them up and ask for a room on the 'New York Special' rate you get a buffet breakfast thrown in for free every morning! The breakfast alone is well worth it, as you can have everything, pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc etc and it really sets you up if your planning on a day of exploring Manhatten!

If you want anymore info Rob, feel free to drop me a PM! :)

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all the cheap hotels will be booked solid, the expensive hotels may have room.

if you are only going for a couple of nights, do you really want the hassle of a 90 minute commute in from the suburbs just to get a cheaper hotel?

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NYC is a very popular xmas shopping destination, so if your looking for between now and then - well, you will need to look further out to get anything reasonable..

have checked a lot of places and even quite far out it is still expensive.

looked at the days in 3 night $1000! think i will skip it this year

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had a look already mate - no rooms! will keep looking tho

Did you phone them...sometimes they may have space that isn't advertised on the web?? Also you could check for the Belvedere on Expedia...some last minute rooms may be avaliable.

Also worth trying and you can get some good deals there.

Good Luck! :)

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