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Hi, i'm a new member having recently acquired a 2002 LS430 (my second as i had an LS400 a few years ago). I have bought a 2004/2005 updated DVD for the Sat Nav system on eBay and am not sure how to install it. I have tried pressing the button next to the disc slot on the drive unit in the boot but nothing happened- also when finally install the disc, is there a particular procedure i should follow to get it up and running? Thanks for any help.

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NOTE: this is how I did it on my GS and IS - LS may be different.

remove the boot lining etc, so you can access the drive.

slide the cover on the front of the unit - this should reveal an eject button.

eject the old disk.

insert the new one.

Turn on the car - if there are any firmware upgrades needed (and I suspect there will be) then keep the engine running until they are all done.

Its really easy - you cant go wrong.

Only caveat I would add is turning the car off while any firmware updates are running is not a good idea - I have no idea what will happen if you do that

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Thanks Matthew, the drive is quite difficult to access without undoing too many screws, and i don't think there was a sliding cover- but i'll look again and try what you recommend.

there are two screws on the same side as the cover - if you undo them, it should lever up on that side, giving you access to the cover and eject button :blush:

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